Remember the Herods | Legacy One

May 5, 2024

It can be almost overwhelming sometimes when we sit back and watch the world spinning ever-so-quickly toward anarchy and chaos. We see it world-wide, but we can’t help but see it in our own nation, especially when we consider the corruption and/or ineptitude of leadership at the highest levels. Sometimes it feels like we don’t have a chance! But if you look back through history, even to the time when Jesus came to earth, it was really much the same. Evil rulers dominated the landscape and tried their best to exert their evil wills in all directions. One was a dynasty we know as “the Herods.” Bottom line, though, is that the Herods are all gone. And even though new evil leaders will and do follow in their footsteps, their day will end. They will die and face inescapable judgment. But Jesus conquered death, and He still lives! It’s good to remember history; it’s good to have open eyes and see what’s going on. But maybe it’s better to keep our eyes on God and remember that our God reigns! He is not a God of chaos. In fact, it is out of chaos that He creates order, exactly according to His purpose. You can trust Him!

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