Would you agree that ours is a badly broken world?

You don't have to watch much news at all to hear stories of war, crisis, death, refugees, aggression, persecution, genocide, corruption--and the list goes on. The world's focus has now shifted to the tragedy presently occurring in Ukraine, as it is being mercilessly ravaged by Russia. Among the millions being threatened and displaced by this unjustified action, there are huge numbers of Christians. Can we even imagine what it would be like to take their place? I don't think so. But we can bless them as we pray for them.

The elders at WACC have been considering ways to be a positive support for Ukraine in this time of terror and devastation, and we have identified a number of missions organizations who have the ability to make a difference there, right on the ground or in neighboring countries where millions of refugees have fled. The extreme humanitarian crisis that will result from this war is only just beginning. Some of you have asked about what we could do beyond our prayers.

To that end, the elders have authorized a special offering that will be taken throughout the month of April. We will send what donations are given to reputable and trusted organizations who are active there, like Samaritan's Purse (Franklin Graham) and CRF and other missionaries we know who serve that region.

A couple of requests in this matter:

1.  Please note on your checks/other giving methods that the offering is for Ukraine relief.

2. Please be sure that this offering is ABOVE AND BEYOND your usual tithes. If we take money away from the general offerings, the responsibilities we have to carry on our own local and missions programming will be adversely affected. Your tithes support the work of WACC; your offerings beyond them support other works. Thank you in advance for your increased generosity!

3. Please take the initiative to do this during April. Your offerings can be placed in the offering boxes, brought to the church, mailed to the church or handled online through CCB by following this link. (Please be aware that online offerings are often reduced by fees charged in their processing.) If you have questions about this, please contact Cathy in the office.

4.  We promise that we will keep you informed as to how these offerings will be used, and how much we will have collected.

5. As the crisis in Ukraine evolves, it will become clearer what needs exist, and how we can be involved in addressing some of them.

That's all for now. Please continue to pray for Ukraine. While our concerns are for all of those millions being driven from their homes and way of life, please remember especially your brothers and sisters in Christ who live there. From New Testament times on it has been the example of churches experiencing good times to share the burdens of churches and believers enduring bad times. That's why God has given us so much. And it is something we can do that will make a difference and possibly even save lives and souls in the process. We can do this! Please pray about what God might want you to offer toward this special need.